Khan Shatyr

Khan Shatyr is a major shopping and entertainment center in Astana opened on July 6, 2010.

The architecture of the project is unique; the building is a giant transparent tent.

The total area of Khan Shatyr is 127 000 m2. The building houses retail and entertainment areas including a supermarket, a family park, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, sports halls, a water park with an artificial beach and swimming with the effect of waves, service and office space, parking for 700 cars and more.

The architect of this building is Norman Foster.

The building is a gigantic tent 150 m high constructed from a network of steel shrouds which enshrined a transparent polymer coating ETFE. Thanks to its special chemical composition, it protects the inner space of the complex of sharp temperature fluctuations and provides a comfortable microclimate inside the complex.

Khan Shatyr entered the top ten world eco-buildings according to Forbes Style Magazine, becoming the only building within CIS which the magazine decided to include in their charts.