Black Duck Restaurant

Black Duck Restaurant is located in the most luxurious residential building in Astana. Absolute novelty and full pride of the restaurant is in its combination of the interior and Chef’s cuisine. Original duck dishes determine the name of the restaurant - Black Duck.

Exquisite tableware, furniture and accessories on the level of antiques to copyright known brands and original cuisine dishes are unique.

Exclusive range of dishes from the Chef includes dietary and baby food cards. Quiet breakfast, a dinner party or fun party - each event will consist of carefully selected works of cooking.

"Tasty like at home!" This is perhaps the most pleasant compliment from visitors to Chef. This phrase has been, is and will be the main idea behind the creation of the restaurant and the main strategy of development.  And residents of the residential complex have a unique advantage - to choose and order food from the restaurant directly to the apartment via One Vision, IP TV program installed in each apartment.

There are always a lot of reasons to go to a restaurant. Whatever your reason is, every visit will leave some pleasant memories in your heart.

"Tasty like at home," you say once visited the restaurant Black Duck.