Interactive Television

Resident receives from our operator an IPTV service package, an important distinction from normal local TV is that the service provided by cable television is interactive. This technology makes possible to watch television programs at a convenient time for residents and not be tied to a schedule of TV Channels. At the same time it helps to live on schedule.

Basic services, above all, a multi-program retransmission of the television channels, or a proprietary IP TV. Resident is given a certain set of channels, for which he pays a monthly fee. Thanks to interactive IP TV a number of additional services are also available for subscribers.
Digital TV for transformation of IP-based networks (IPTV) is a service, in the implementation of which, operators offer their customers a television broadcast using Internet protocol.

Because IPTV speaks the language of the World Wide Web this network system has the ability to bring together the world of the Internet and the world of television at the expense of the convergence of all forms of communications and entertainment in a single flexible, fully integrated online infrastructure.