About building




Rixos Khan Shatyr Residences is a unique complex of six towers of residential character and 2 towers of business office areas.
The first two towers built right now are just the beginning of large-scale project in Astana.

Rixos Khan Shatyr Residences is a residential complex (second from left) consisting of 25 floors.

The elegant lobby area at Residences is a face of the whole complex. The friendly doorman, cozy atmosphere, a shining light ceiling chandeliers, specially selected interior evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation already on the threshold after you step in.

Comfortable indoor and outdoor parking will allow conveniently park your car round the clock being under a careful security service.

Architectural design and stained glass windows allow you to enjoy great views of Astana at any time, giving you privacy and its protection.
Special design of the exterior structure provides protection from strong winds and triple-glazed windows save from winter cold.

All apartments are equipped with modern ventilation system and heating system, under floor heating throughout the area of apartments and other things of new technologies.

The building has three passenger and one cargo silent high-speed elevators.

The ceiling height in the apartments in the final finishing is 2 meters 85 centimeters.